Did you know that the government will reward you for exposing fraud? Fraud is costly for taxpayers and shareholders. Whistleblowing is a vital tool for the government in its efforts to put an end to fraud. Therefore, if you can inform the government about any fraud directed at the government (Medicare, Medicaid, or contracts), at a company’s shareholders (financial reporting), or at banks and other lending institutions, there is a possibility that the government will provide you with a percentage of its recovery. Your information must enable the government to successfully prosecute a civil or a criminal case against the party that committed the fraud.

But exposing fraud can be very intimidating and stressful, and it can take many years to obtain any recovery. This is where the Tinkler Law Firm can help. Over the years, we have worked with whistleblowers, providing them with the necessary tools to approach the government and expose the fraud. If you think that you have witnessed fraud, please contact us. We will be able to evaluate whether the information in your possession is valuable enough to present to the government and help you along the process.