Business Disputes

For a business owner, a legal dispute can be costly and can disrupt the operation of your business. We are devoted to helping businesses and professionals resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible, while not disrupting business operations and maintaining a healthy bottom line. As trial-tested lawyers who understand the financial pressures businesses face, we are prepared to help you reach an efficient and effective outcome. 

There is no one way to solve a business dispute. Resolving a dispute through negotiation and settlement can be cost-effective and save you time. But when litigation is necessary, it is important to have experienced litigators on your side. We offer our clients versatile and flexible dispute resolution options, so they are never pigeonholed into one strategy or another. 

We handle a wide range of business disputes, including those involving partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, real estate disputes, contract disputes, fraud, embezzlement, breach of fiduciary duty, and construction disputes. We will use every investigative resource at our disposal, including forensic CPAs and other experts, to find the evidence that supports your case.